History of the conference

One of the necessary conditions of improvement and development of any activity is studying and taking into consideration the positive experience. The sphere of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts and acts of other authorities isn’t the exception, either.

Currently, each state has its own system of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts, with the peculiarities of the state system, economic development. And each of these systems has pros and cons in comparison with the foreign state system. In this regard, it seems advisable to research and implementation of the foreign experience for the actualization of the compulsory enforcement of judicial acts and acts of other authorities.

In the autumn of 2009 the Federal Bailiffs Service of the Russian Federation became a member of the International Union of Judicial Officers. Due to that the Service has increased the already existing contacts with foreign colleagues. The International Union of Judicial Officers has become a “firing pad” for research international experience in the field of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts. Furthermore, consultations held in the framework of the activities of the association testified of the common interest of the participants to exchange and dissemination the positive experience.

For this reason, the leadership of the Federal Bailiffs Service of the Russian Federation decided to organize and conduct an International Conference on the territory of Russia where the representatives of enforcement services of the different states could share their experience and discuss the general issues.

The first International theoretical and practical conference took place in 2010 in St-Petersburg. The results of the conference prove to confirm that this type of discussion is in demand at both foreign colleagues and representatives of the state authorities, scientific, banking and public communities of Russian Federation.

The conference has been attended by heads of 12 foreign compulsory enforcement services, including outstanding scientists, politicians, public figures and representatives of the public. In this regard the practice of holding such forums is continuing.

By present time eight International theoretical and practical conferences have already been held. During this time it has become possible to get acquainted with various procedures of compulsory enforcement and their efficiency, with different problems of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts and acts of other authorities as regards to legal entities. Kazan, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Vladikavkaz, Ulan-Ude, Ufa and Suzdal were identified as venues for the conferences.

Year by year the interest to the conference grows, the geography and the number of participants are expanding. The conference that took place in 2017 in Suzdal attended the representatives of the compulsory enforcement’s authorities from 28 countries.

The conference is annually attended by leading Russian and foreign specialists in the field of compulsory enforcement, state and public figures, representatives of various state authorities, banking community and other organizations. Among them are representatives of the compulsory enforcement authorities of foreign countries, i.e. Central and Western Europe, CIS countries, the Baltic States, the Balkan Peninsula, South Caucasus, Asia, inc. China and Mongolia.


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