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FBS gave opportunity to go abroad during New Year holidays

14 January 2014 14:20

On New Year holidays 2014 the Bailiffs’ Service jointly with the Border Service of the Russian Federal Security Service continued working in urgent cancelling temporary travel restriction.

Citizens who had previously been restricted from leaving the Russian Federation, but had an urgent need to do that and had fulfilled their obligations before the trip, were allowed to travel.

As a rule there are objective reasons for urgent trips abroad during the New Year holidays, for example, if a debtor or their relatives have to undergo treatment in another country.

The joint work with the Border Service of the Federal Security Service allowed the debtors who had fully paid off their debts to cross the border quickly.

As in previous years the Federal Bailiffs’ Service cancelled the travel restriction on New Year holidays to protect the rights of citizens and to give them the opportunity to go abroad not waiting until the holidays are over.

Document creation/update time: 15 January 2014 16:00 / 31 August 2016 13:17

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