Programme of the Conference 2010

Tuesday, July 6

  • Registration of participants of conference 
    9.00 – 9.30
  • Introductory word Rector of Saint-Petersburg State University Kropachev Nickolay Mikhailovich 
    9.30 – 9.40
  • Introductory word Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Konovalov Alexander Vladimirovich 
    9.40 – 9.50
  • Introductory word First Vice-Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Torshin Alexander Porfirevich 
    9.50 – 10.00
  • Introductory word Adviser of the President of the Russian Federation Yakovlev Veniamin Fyodorovich 
    10.00 – 10.10
  • «Enforcement of acts of courts and other acts in the Russian Federation. Development prospects» Director of the Federal Bailiffs’ Service — Chief Bailiff of the Russian Federation Parfenchikov Artur Olegovich 
    10.10 – 10.50
  • «The International association of Enforcement agents and Judicial officers» First Vice-President of the International Union of Judicial Officers Bernard Menut 
    10.50 – 11.10
  • offee break 
    11.10 – 11.30
  • «Improvement of procedures of levy of execution upon debtor’s property in enforcement» Head of Department concerning legal aid and interaction with judicial system of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation Borisenko Yelena Adolfovna 
    11.30 – 11.50
  • «Issues of enforcement development in the Azerbaijani Republic» Head of Main Department of judicial officers — Chief Judicial Officer of the Azerbaijan Republic Zeynalov Hanlar Zeynalovich 
    11.50 – 12.10
  • «The status of judicial officers in Latvia» Chairman of National Chamber of Bailiffs of the Latvian Republic Hmelevskis Ginters 
    12.10 – 12.30
  • «The Israeli enforcement system current situation and perspectives of development» Vice-President Fines Collection Center Israeli Enforcement & Collection Authority Dragonetskaya Izabella 
    12.30 – 12.50
  • Excursion to the State Museum-Reserve «Peterhof» 
  • Excursion in Konstantinovsky Palace 
  • Formal reception in Blue hall of Konstantinovsky Palace 

Wednesday, July 7

  • «Some Development Aspects of Enforcement Law in the Republic of Armenia» Service of Judicial Enforcement of the Republic of Armenia, Main Law Enforcement Officer Poghosyan Mihran Surenovich 
    9.30 – 9.50
  • «The Development and the Current Issues of the Lithuanian Institution of Enforcement Officers» President of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers of Lithuanian Republic Karalene Inga 
    9.50 – 10.10
  • «The enforcement system of the Russian Federation among the world's major systems: the general and the special» Head of the Department of civil procedure of the Ural State Law Academy Yarkov Vladimir Vladimirovich 
    10.10 – 10.30
  • «The optimization of enforcement in economic courts of the Republic of Belarus» Chief Judicial Officer of Economic Courts of the Republic of Belarus Vaskovskiy Pavel Albertovich 
    10.30 – 10.50
  • «Recommendations of experts of European Union concerning the improvement of the Federal Bailiffs’ Service and training of judicial officers» Team Leader of the «Execution and Efficiency of Justice in the Russian Federation» project Xavier Barre 
    10.50 – 11.10
  • «Development Prospects of Enforcement Legislation» Head of the Department of civil procedure of Saratov State Academy of Law Isaenkova Oksana Vladimirovna 
    11.10 – 11.30
  • offee break 
    11.30 – 11.50
  • «Law on reforming of legal investigation in the area of enforcing of legal judgments and its effect on court bailiff service in Germany» Deputy Director-General for the Judicial System (Directorate-General "R") Gerd Josef Nettersheim, Referent of the Federal Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank Nolte 
    11.50 – 12.10
  • «Providing efficiency of bailiffs’ activity – realities and development prospects in Czech Republic» Vice-President of examination commission of Bailiffs’ Association in Czech Republic Plasil Vladimir Vladimirovich 
    12.10 – 12.30
  • «The legal nature of private restrictions in enforcement» Associate professor of the Department of civil procedure of Saint-Petersburg State University Shvartz Mikhail Zinovjevich 
    12.30 – 12.50
  • «Finnish payment disturbance policy and methods of improving efficiency in enforcement» Director of the National Administrative Office for Enforcement Toukola Juhani 
    12.50 – 13.10
  • Chairman of the Committee on Court Administration in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kim Georgiy Vladimirovich 
    13.10 – 13.30
  • Visit to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library 
  • Sightseeing tour on the rivers and channels of Saint-Petersburg 
  • Supper in the restaurant «Taleon Club» 

Thursday, July 8

  • «The Independence Principle and its Implementation in the Activities of Enforcement Officers» Head of the Department of arrangement of enforcement officer and enforcement service of Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation Gureev Vladimir Aleksandrovich 
    10.00 – 10.20
  • «The enforcement officer of Liberal profession in Estonian Republic» President of the Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy of Estonian Republic Elin Vilippus 
    10.20 – 10.40
  • «Legal regulation of bailiffs’ labour: theoretical and practical issues» Chief scientific manager of the Interterritorial advocates association «KLISHIN & PARTNERS» Shugaev Andrey Alekseyevich 
    10.40 – 11.00
  • «Enforcement of court decisions on civil cases in the countries of Latin America» Associate professor of the Department of civil and labour law of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Yermakova Yelena Petrovna 
    11.00 – 11.20
  • Discussion and summary 
    11.20 – 12.00
  • Concluding word Rector of Saint-Petersburg State University Kropachev Nikolay Mikhaylovich 
  • Concluding word Director of the Federal Bailiffs’ Service — Chief Bailiff of the Russian Federation Parfenchikov Artur Olegovich 
  • Excursion to the State Museum-Reserve «Tsarskoye Selo» and the visit to Catherine Palace 
  • Supper in the territory of the State Museum-Reserve «Tsarskoye Selo» 



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