Execution of judicial decision is a measure of respect for the state, for justice is considered accomplished, when a court decision has been executed. The FBS of the Russian Federation is the only authorized body of the state executive authority coercing the execution of the judicial decision. The Service ensures proper and timely execution of judicial acts, acts of other bodies and officials, as well as in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, - execution of other documents in order to protect the abused rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations.

But history of debt relationship dates back to thousands of years ago. At different stages of the evolution of the state, different methods of debt collection were in use and there were always people, who privately or legally fought against debtors. What are the portrait and the authority of those, who were the forerunners or prototypes of modern bailiffs?

The need for resolute action to collect debts and prevent dishonest behavior of borrowers originated in high antiquity. In particular, it is always important to regulate debt obligations of taxes and duties. But the enforcement institution in Russia developed gradually, it improved together with the development of the legal system and depended on many economic, political and social processes.

Revival of the Bailiffs’ Service

Revival of the Bailiffs’ Service began in 1997, when federal laws No 118-FZ of 21.07.1997 “On Bailiffs” and 119-FZ of 21.07.1997 “On Enforcement Proceedings” were adopted.

These laws fundamentally changed the system of enforcement proceedings in Russia and were legal basis for organizing an independent institution of bailiffs.

The FBS of the Russian Federation was formed by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2004 314 “On the system and structure of the federal executive authorities”.

Prior to its formation functions to enforce the judicial acts and those of other bodies were entrusted to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and were administered by the Department of Bailiffs acting under the order of the Russian Ministry of Justice of 22.09.2000 276 “On Approval of the Department of Bailiffs”.

Today work to improve the mechanisms of enforcement proceedings continues, and if its further reform will be held with the active participation of professional legal community, we will obtain the maximum percentage of execution of judicial decisions.

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