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Dear senior managers of media!

We remind you that your request for assistance in the organization of video filming and interviews should be made on the letterhead of media and certified by your signature. The letter should be addressed to the Director of the FBS of Russia A.O. Parfenchikov, and contain detailed information about the object of your attention, on the subject of the material and its social significance, the approximate time of the broadcast or publication, and the full list of questions for the interview.
The request should indicate a contact person (correspondent, the author of the material) and contact information. Fax for requests: +7 (495) 870-69-82 or e-mail:, Representatives of media can also submit a request via the expedition of the FBS of Russia (16/5, building 1, Kuznetsky most st., Moscow).

Media relations department

Contacts for media:

mailing address:  16/5, building 1, Kuznetsky most st., Moscow, 107996

tel./(fax): +7 (495) 870-69-18, (495) 870-69-17(495) 870-69-82


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